Calcarea with full flower

Today was sunny enough that Titanopsis calcarea might be able to open its flower in full size. Gentle, lemon-yellow flower! Compact perfection!

Conophytum giftbergense

Conophytum giftbergense raised the flower. I did not recognize the bud :) I saw open center hole in the morning and  besides all day but in the evening it has stood with tiny flower. Magic conophytums :)

Let`s continue the white theme!

Conophytum pellucidum v. neohalli saw the sun and immidiately reacted by opening flowers.

L. lesliei C-36a "Albinica"

I wait this moment for a long time. Both lithopses showed buds about two weeks ago. Bad weather did not give any chance to it. But when the sun began to show in the sky without clouds and the temperature came up to a high level lithopses opened the buds, not in full size, but enough to show its beauty.


Titanopsis calcarea

I wrote before that i have a lot of Titanopsis species. I fond of Titanopsis plants, it`s frog type skin, thunder clouds color, it`s persistency. After the beginning of cold and rainy weather at my site i bring all Titanopsis species to the home window. With open ventlight it is about 15-20 degrees at the window sill. And these guys began to rise the buds. So after all one Calcarea opened its bud.

L. naureeniae C-304

This lithopses bloom in my collection first time. The buds were so sick that lithopses bursted slightly from the sides. But this fact does not hinder to bloom with a beautifull flowers.

Stomatium niveum

Stomatium grows fast. From this link http://lithopsmagic.blogspot.ru/2013/08/stomatium-niveum.html it seems like a small, tiny bushes. But  today Stomatium could cope total pot. What is interesting it don`t break its flowering season. It shows its wonderfull and sweet flowers  again and again :)